An Introduction To The School

During its 65 years existence, the SAVARIA Vocational School has always aimed to create a learning environment for its students focusing on the results based on an education and teaching of a high-standard.

In our qualification system, besides the compulsory lessons, our students have the opportunity to take part in different extracurricular activities (in themes of foreign language, technical field, or even electronics).

For sport-lovers, we organize summer camps, camps about environmental protection or winter camps.

In each phase of the training (secondary and professional) we build upon independent thinking, creativity, openness and good communication skills in order to make our students competent for further education or for employment.

Our school is regarded to be one of the most effective in terms of scholastic competitions on transportation, moreover we can be proud of our famous sportspeople like the European Champion hammer thrower, Tibor Gécsek or the European Champion truck racer, Norbert Kiss, just to mention a few names.

In our school, students can learn English or German as a foreign language according to their choices.

As part of the facilities, the school library provides a cosy atmosphere for studying and spending the free time in a useful way. The variable stock collected has more than 17,000 books.

The Student Council of the school deals with the problems and issues concerning the students. The cooperation with the similar organizations of Szombathely and Vas County is quite fruitful. The Student Council offers versatile programmes for the students not only to widen their knowledge but to have fun.

Students can demand regular lunch and they can have it in the canteen, where there are 150 seats available. In the breaks between the lessons students can use the services of the buffet.

We offer the following qualifications for the 8th graders

  • Automotive Mechatronics Technician (car mechanic)
  • Public Service Technician
  • Automotive Mechatronics Technician (car electronics mechanician)
  • Logistics Technician
  • Railway Vehicle Technician

At the end of these 5-year courses, students graduate and get the technician qualification.

We offer the following qualifications for those who graduated from high school

  • Car Mechanic
  • Car Electronics Mechanician
  • Public Service Assistant
  • Logistics and Forwarding Assistant

If you are interested, feel free to contact us.


  • Name of the school: SAVARIA Vocational School and Student Hostel (as the school of Vas County Vocational School Centre)
  • Address: 1 Hadnagy Street, Szombathely, Vas County, Hungary 9700
  • Email: